Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ornament Challenge: Beaded Icicles

OK, I've been playing it pretty simple in the great Christmas Ornament Challenge that my good friend Gen from Cabin Fevered Gem has challenged me to.  I thought because she's fairly new to crafting that I would take it easy on her, but she has proven to be a worthy opponent.  So, now there's no holding back!  Let's make some ornaments!

Today I'm going to draw on my jewellery making skills, and huge stash, to come up with something really special.

Here's what you'll need:

1) Cut different lengths of wire from 3" - 5" inches long.  You only need as many as your jewellery finding can hold. (Note, I would normally use monofilament instead of wire but I didn't have any crimper beads.  You can substitute whatever works best for you, just make sure it fits through your beads and findings first.)

2) String one end of the wire through a hole in your finding and loop.

3) String various beads onto your wire.  Use different colours and shapes to add some special interest.

4) At the end, use your round nose pliers to make another small loop to secure the beads.

5) Repeat until your finding is full.

6) You can use ribbon, beaded monofilament, or more wire to add a hanger to the top.

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Tah dah! How's that for some sparkle and pizazz for your tree?

I think it's the prettiest icicle I've ever seen~
 Head on over to Cabin Fevered Gem to see what she made today.  And if you're making ornaments along with us make sure to link up to the Make it Great linky party.  It's open all week.  I can't wait to see all of your beautiful ornament creations!

Only a couple of days left to enter the surprise giveaway...get your comments in before Saturday!


Gen said...

Definately the prettiest icicle I'VE ever seen! Great job T! Having so much fun doing this challenge with you!!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

These are like tree jewelry--love em! Thanks for linking up to Beyond The Picket Fence.

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

these are fabulous my friend!!!!! come and link this to the big linky party over on my blog - it is a blog hop and your project will appear on 18 blogs including the girl creative!!! hope to see you there : ) hugs...

Anonymous said...

Okay, this one goes into the "must do" file. I think toi, moi et Gen need to start an art program at that big employment/holding center to the west of town. Can you imagine being paid to do this every day? People need to feel the goodness of making pretty things. We could rehabilitate the WORLD! Super-beau! Bravo!


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