Friday, December 2, 2011

Chandy Gems

A few weeks ago I saw this great project from Diane over at In My Own Style:

Scrapbook Paper Chandelier Shades

Isn't her chandelier gorgeous?!?!  I love all that sparkle.  And just in time for Christmas!

So, I took part of her idea to help me get ready for my little Christmas get together this weekend.

Here's what you need:

1) Cut a piece of medium gauge wire around 6" long and thread through a large gem.

2) Give the wire a twist and thread on as many more gems as you want to show.

3) Secure the wire to the inside of your chandelier covers.  I just used packing tape but I'm sure there's something much better to use out there.

Now, here's something very, very important.  Do not skip this step, especially if you have a glass top table underneath!  When you attach the wire to the cover, bend the ends inwards and poke through the tape.  Place on the cover and then bend the wire ends downwards.  This way the wire doesn't slowly slide out of the tape.  The first night this was up it was a little nerve wracking every time a glob of gems hit the glass table.  Eventually I clued in and fixed it~

Here's how it looked before the makeover:

It's a Debbie Travis Chandelier
with two sets of light covers (white and black).
 And after:

night time shot
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Just as pretty in the daylight~
 Whoo hoo!  I can't wait for the party to get started!  Are you adding a little extra bling to your holiday decorating this year?  Leave a comment~

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Also...I've been challenged to create 7 ornaments in 7 days next week!  Make sure to check in every day, starting Sunday, to see what I've come up with...and if I survive the high pressure stakes of the Christmas Ornament Challenge!



Beautiful :) you are genius my dear!!

Gen said...

Lovely! Great addition to your party decor! I love it. Gen

Sunny Simple Life said...

That is beautiful. What a wonderfully creative girl you are.

Anonymous said...

I just love what you have done here. What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

Sara said...

So pretty! Great job. Happy to see you at Tangled Happy this week. Wishing you a happy weekend Tamara. :)

WobiSobi said...

Love this idea.. and it looks fabulous!!

Jessa said...

This is stunning. Love how easy it looks to create such elegance. Lovely. Thanks for linking. Pinning and tweeting this.


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