Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inspiration Shot: Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

You all know how much I love my sunglasses (I bought another pair last week, <sigh>) but did you know that I love shoes even more?!

While I was in Toronto I made the pilgrimage to the Bata Show Museum .  I've always wanted to go but everytime I've been in Toronto something has gotten in my way.

If you love shoes this is definitely a place you should check out.  On the lower floor there's a huge timeline of shoes from prehistoric times to today with real shoe examples from every time period from all over the world.  It's fascinating!

Upstairs is a so-so display of shoes of famous Canadians.  The kids that were there seemed pretty excited about Avril Lavigne's running shoes but it didn't really thrill me.

Then I went upstairs and found something that did thrill me!  A whole room full of shoes from the 1920's.  So beautiful and so inspiring!

Can you imagine if these were just your everyday shoes???

I love the sequins on this pair.  I think this could easily be done to a pair of shoes of today with just a little sparkle and some glue.

Gold and pink!  I love this combination~

And now for something really special....

Those are all heel variations below the shoe!  Aren't they pretty?!  Makes me want to get some rhinestones and bedazzle some of my heels in pretty patterns.

Just by coincidence I happened to watch Midnight in Paris on the plane ride home.  Parts of the movie take place in the roaring 20's.  I love the glitz and glam of this time period so much.  I'm feeling something very flapperish coming on in the studio soon~

Check out other great shoes on the museum's website or drop in next time you're in Toronto~


Mindy said...

Those are some seriously spectacular shoes!!! I'm with you on the shoe love. Wow--changeable heels? What about that design idea didn't work because I can't understand why that didn't last! Beautiful, that's for sure. Fantastic shoes!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where I can buy a pair of these shoes? I so want a pair for my wedding!


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