Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Cupcake Toppers

I still have loads of Wholeport stickers left, so I'm still making cupcake toppers.

I love this pack of stickers.  They're supposed to be some kind of funny Alice in Wonderland theme.

I didn't use popdots on these ones, I just let the pick inbetween the papers create the dimension.

The go all the way up to 12~

I made some mini flags too, with a bit more of a masculine feel.

Men like cupcakes too!

Only the inner coloured flag is the sticker, the rest I had to come up with through trial and error on my Silhouette machine.

You know...if you're not big on cupcakes, you could use these on foods that are good for you too, like bran muffins and whole wheat bread sandwiches.  I know if I ate that stuff I'd have to do something to liven it up ;)

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