Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Linky Party Announcement!!

Big things are happening here at Etcetorize!

Long ago, in a faraway place where blogging with Google used to be easy....I used to run an awesome linky party.  It was such a great way to connect with people....and to easily find loads of great new projects.

Then it started to get popular.  And I started to get burned out.  So I ended things just as they were picking up.

Although I needed to do it, I've sort of regretted it ever since.

So...it's time to bring it back again, this time with 2 of my favourite bloggy buddies: Donna from  Distressed Donna Down Home & Mitzi from Mitzi's Miscellany.

Distressed Donna Down Home, Mitzi's Miscellany

We all do crafty things but we each come from a different perspective and will be sharing our audiences with all of you.  Well, that is to say, you will be sharing your projects with all of our audiences.  Plus we'll each be doing extra promotions of your great ideas through all of our social media networks.

To kick things off we're going to make this a real party, with ballons, streamers, and GIVEAWAYS!  Aha!  I knew that would get your attention.

There will be 6 awesome prizes that I know you'll all love.  Just link up a post (not an Etsy shop), stick our new button on your blog somewhere and you can enter to win!  How fun (and easy) is that?

Party Every Monday Night

Stay tuned and make sure to visit one of our 3 blogs on September 8th to join the party.

Don't worry, I'll make sure to remind you a couple more times before that.  Can't wait to see what you share!

(More BIG THINGS to come this fall~)


Donna Wilkes said...

Very nice, Tamara!

Mitzi said...

OK, I'm really getting excited for the new link party now that I see the party promo!


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