Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little Lace Top

I bought this plain Jane top for my niece ages ago.  I accidentally bought it a size too small to begin with and now she's grown a bit  too.  I'm pretty sure it will still fit, it just might be a little short for her.

So, I shopped my own stash and found all kinds of pretty lace to jazz it up a bit.

Would you believe I've hoarded that
peach lace for at least 15 years?!?!?
First I added a pretty lace collar along the neck edge.

And then I attached the lovely double sided peach ribbon lace along the bottom to lengthen it a bit.

Then I threw together a quick pair of leggings to round it all out and...tah dah!  She's got a whole new, and very pretty, outfit!

I love that lace at the bottom.  I can't believe I've finally used it for something.  Have you ever kept something for an unbelievably long time because you don't want to 'waste' it?  I get very weird about these things and want to make sure that the thing I'm making is worthy of it's embellishments.  How about you?  Leave a comment below (and let me know I'm not the only one)~


Spittin-Toad said...

So cute and yes if it's good I will hang onto it for ever!

Colleen said...

The top looks great; just like having a whole new top to wear.
Oh, I'm a Big hoarder when it comes to pretty lace



Adorned From Above said...

This came out so cute. I love lace added to anything.
Debi @ Adorned From Above


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