Friday, October 18, 2013

Goblet Gobblers

Last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada.  I don't do any of the cooking, I leave that all up to my mom.  But at the last minute I did come up with a small contribution to the dinner table...

Want to make your own Goblet Gobblers?  Here's all you need:

-paper, mix solid and pattern papers for a pretty effect
-Glue runner

1) Cut out all of your pieces as below.

2) Make a stack of your scalloped round pieces and glue together.

3) Run a bit of glue on the top part of the body piece.

4) Stick onto the body making sure to leave enough space at the bottom to fit onto the side of your goblets.

Gobble gobble, that's it!  So easy!

You could add glitter, family names for place settings, anything you want.  Have fun with it.

Thanksgiving in the US isn't for another month so you still have lots of time to make your own.  Do you live outside of North America?  Does anyone else celebrate Thanksgiving or something like it?  Leave a comment below~

1 comment:

Mitzi said...

Those are adorable, Tamara! You always come up with clever craft ideas!


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