Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Won't you take me to, Funkytime?

Funky time, funky town, same thing~

So, I know Christmas seems like a long ways off, we haven't even had Halloween yet.  Some of you haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!  But really, it's just around the corner.  Which is why I have to tell you about this cute little publication over at Issu called Funkytime.

It's full of all kinds of FREE printables perfect for the holidays.

Like these cute soap wrappers.

I love these two little elves.  I think they'll look super snazzy on my mantle this year.

And there are pages and pages of all sorts of gift tags.

I love that they give you ideas for all of these fun images.

There's a link on the last page that will take you to all of the images to download.  Be patient, it takes awhile to load, but it's worth it.

I bought my first Christmas present last week.  I thought maybe I was a little crazy but another lady saw what was in my cart and asked me all kinds of questions.  She figured she needed to go get the same thing before they sold out and she didn't have the right gift for her daughter.

Have you started getting ready for Christmas yet?  Leave a comment below so I know I'm not alone~

1 comment:

Donna Wilkes said...

Tamara, thanks for the link to the cute printables. Yes, I have started and finished most of my Christmas crafts, but save everything else for after our Thanksgiving.


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