Thursday, August 29, 2013

Free Hot Patterns!

I was all set to troll the big 5 pattern websites for new fall patterns and then tell you all about them.  But I couldn't find a single new pattern that I felt was worthy of a post.  What's going on big 5?!?!

So, I strolled on over to and found something even FREE Hotpatterns!

I really want to switch over to slinky pencil skirts and wiggle dresses for fall, but this awesome skirt pattern is making it hard for me to let go of my summer hippie ways.

I really wish I would've seen this great beach bag tote a few months ago~

This is such a pretty little top to transition into fall with.

Round out your new wardrobe with this cute retro playsuit to sleep in.

I think this is a great concept...a scarf that looks like a fun furry vest!  It's perfect!  All the style with no bulk.

Check out for lots more FREE patterns~


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Free patterns you say! Well I am all about that! Love that one piece look, so very depression era chic!

Mme PiNat said...

Thanks for these cute patterns....I am ready to go and see beauties :-) Thanks again !

Jan said...

Thanks for the link. I downloaded a few already. Now will I remember to sew them...?


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