Friday, August 2, 2013

Endless Options Scarf Top

Did you really think I'd let the whole summer go by without at least one thrift store scarf transformation?

DIY Scarf Top, Scarf Refashion, DIY Halter

This top couldn't be any easier.  Here's what you need to make your own:

-large scarf (mine is 38" square)
-2 metres of wide ribbon
-standard sewing kit (thread, scissors, sewing machine)

1) To start, simply decide which part of your scarf is the top and which is the bottom.  The design might be the same all around so it might not make a difference but if yours has a one way pattern take a few minutes to figure this out.

2) Cut your ribbon in half so that you have 2 one metre pieces.  Dab a bit of Fray check on each of the ends to stop your ribbon from fraying in the wash.  Then measure about 10" up the sides from the bottom of each corner and attach each piece of your ribbon.  If you attach it to the front like the photo below then you won't see the stitching when you wear your top.

Guess what?!?!?!  That's it!!  That's all you have to do.

Now I'll show you how you can wear it:

1) Drape the scarf across your body covering one side and bringing the two top corners up to the opposite shoulder.

2) Tie the ends of the top corners together at your shoulder.

3) Scrunch up your scarf so that the length sits somewhere close to your waist/hips or whatever is comfortable.

4) Wrap the scarf around your body, overlapping to ensure there's no big gaping hole under your arm.

5) Pull tightly and tie the ribbon together at the opposite side.

There are lots of other variations.  Just play with it and see what you come up with!

DIY Scarf Top, Scarf Refashion, DIY Halter, how to wear a scarf as a top

I have lots of other scarf refashions below:

scarf refashion, how to turn a scarf into a top, Scarf halter, Scarf top
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 Believe it or not, I do sometimes just wear a scarf as a scarf. How about you?  Are you a scarf kind of gal or do you think they're just a silly accessory?  Leave a comment below~

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Crafts a la Mode said...

coming over from the Diana Rambles party. I pinned your scarf fun. Following also. Come and link this to What to do Weekends party, too.

Best wishes, Linda

Spittin-Toad said...

I love all your re-fashioned skarfs!! I pinned them to my sewing board so that when I find the perfect skarf..I can put it to use. :)

Theresa said...

I have the perfect fabric/refashion for this project. This top is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Victoria said...

Hi Tamara! I'm Victoria, from Valencia (Spain) and following your blog for quite a time but this is my first comment. I love scarves! I use them at all seasons except in summer as it's very hot where I live. Love!

Inspired By June said...

Love scarfs! your variations are great, Tamara! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas, and those scarves look great!

Navy Wifey Peters @ <a href=">Submarine Sunday Link Party</a>

Susan @ Oh My! Creative said...

So cute...pinned it!

Jill said...

I LOVE your new versatile scarf top Tamara! I have to admit to not having any scarves myself - maybe I should look out for some in the charity shops, you've certainly shown us lots of great ways to use them!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Oh my goodness is that adorable! You've got a great body and wear this well! Thanks for linking to my Pin Me Linky Party.

Uggybaby said...

Good morning, I stopped by here from the FPT linky party. I loved your ideas. I do the same, being a scarf lover. You are beautiful and more precious then silver and gold. Be blessed my sister with God's grace, peace, light, and love always in Jesus' service Doreen

Unknown said...

F a n t a s t i c idea for summer! Follow you, interesting blog


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