Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY & Crafts

If you follow lots of DIY and crafting boards on Pinterest you may have noticed more than a few pins from this site lately:

DIY & Crafts is another fun submission site that highlights the best from the web in the areas of decorating, fashion, health, home, homemade, lifehacks, and repurpose.

Some of their more popular posts include:

As you can tell, it's kind of a wide range, which is fun because you never know what you'll find there.

They comb the web looking for awesome projects to promote but you can also submit your own projects in case they've somehow missed you.

According to their Pinterest page, everything they post comes with step by step if you like to share tutorials this is an excellent place to get more exposure.

Have you ever been featured on DIY & Crafts?  Have you ever visited the site before?  Leave a comment and tell the rest of us all about it!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I love you:) DIYnCrafts admin here sharing something from your tutorials on our fb fanpage.


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