Monday, May 13, 2013

Boys Vest

I still have a tiny bit of camoflage fabric from the bargain bin so I stitched up a cool vest for my nephew.

Butterick 6780, Boys vest, Sewing for boys

I've made him loads of outdoor vests but usually I just use a jacket pattern I have and nix the sleeves.  This time I used a proper lined vest pattern:

This pattern came out in 2000 so the only place you'll find it is in the bargain bins at the thrift shop or at an online vintage pattern seller.  If you do find it and you have a little man in your life, scoop it up.

It comes together really easily, fits great, and looks pretty spiffy!  Looks like I made this one just in time...he had just broken his arm the day before and this was the perfect thing to wear over his brand new cast!

Have you ever had to wear a cast?  I've never had to (thank goodness), but this is already the second time my nephew has had one...and he's only 6!  Leave a comment, tell us about your cast experience...and what you wore with it~


free style creating by Villy said...

nice vest!
I wish to him to be ok quickly!best wishes!!!!

Theresa said...

This vest turned out awesome! I may have to add this to my outrageously long to-do list (for the boys).
I had a cast my senior year of high school, with a broken ankle. Luckily boot-cut jeans just came into style. Worked perfectly over that hunk of plaster.

Unknown said...

What a fun vest! Thank you for linking up to Monday Funday!


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