Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Got a White Dress!

If you follow me on Pinterest then you might have noticed that I have a board called "I Need a White Dress".

I don't really NEED one, I just thought it would be really nice to have one.  For what occasion?  I have no idea, but I still want one.

So, remember the pile of lacey things I got from Wholeport?  I decided to finally make myself my white dress from that pretty white lace fabric above.

And here it is!
Sorry for the fuzzy photo.
I have something set wrong on my camera~
I ended up using the same pattern that I used for my latest LBD and my red dress but I altered it slightly.

I used bias tape instead of the facings, nixed the sleeves for a summertime look, and deleted the zipper in the back to a bit of flirtiness.

I have absolutely no idea where I'll wear this dress but I really like it.

You saw a sneak peek of this dress on
Tuesday with my sparkly crochet collar~
This lace is so soft and comfortable, no  scratchiness whatsoever that you can sometime get with lace by the yard.  I also love that it's not super duper blinding white but it's not ivory either.  It's somewhere just over the line between the two.

Where do you where lace?  Any ideas?  Leave a comment below.

*This is a sponsored post however I did not receive any remuneration other than supplies and all opinions are my own.


Jessica Cobb said...

Great dress! I love how this turned out, so flattering on you!

sew simple dress said...

Its does look very pretty and classy every thing seems perfect.

srpprcrftr said...

Let's see you could wear it to church, nice luncheon, a nice date night, a wedding.
Changing the accessories would make a big difference in how it looked. It looks very nice on you, love how you did the back. It's perfect. Can never go wrong with a sheath dress.
Clever of you to change things up a bit from the pattern. If it's cool can always wear a nice little cardie or a shrug. Could even put a belt on. Happy days

Heidi Polcyn said...

This is beautiful! And very flattering on you! I agree with the commentor above, all those places would be great to wear this dress!
Heidi @

Unknown said...

I love your dress! Is it lined or do you have a slip underneath?

Here from the Love and Laundry link up...

The Thriftiness Miss said...

Awesome dress! I love the fabric.


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