Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boho Cardi

I've been meaning to make this cute little cardi for ages but I wasn't sure about the fit, so I decided to try it with this fabric that my great aunt gave me ages ago instead of the special fabric I had set aside just for this project.

As much as I like this pretty border print, I'm glad I tried it first, because as it turns out the pattern does need just a bit of tweaking.

It's from the book Sewing in a Straight Line.

In the book they use a T-knit and either I didn't read the directions right or something's not quite right, because the front panels are just way to narrow.  So, instead of adding bias tape to finish the front seam I ended up using some lace seam tape to add just a bit more width and interest.

Can you see the stork?
You can get a better view of the fabric here when I used it for my Mary Tyler Moore inspired top.

It's cute and very boho I think.  It's quite a bit more colourful than anything else in my closet so it's a good departure for me.  Sometimes it's a good thing to step out of our comfort zones~

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Kei said...

It looks really sweet! The fabric is gorgeous too :D

Jessica Cobb said...

Very cute! I always love to see what people think of patterns I've been wanting to try. Good to know about the lapel!

Unknown said...

The pale blue lace is perfect here!

Jill said...

Gorgeous cardi Tamara - I LOVE that fabric!!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Foster said...

That is a super darling print on that jacket. I checked out that book from the library and they have some super cute styles. Stopping by from Salt Tree.

Ashley said...

LOVE this! So very pretty! Stopping by from the Sew Can Do link up! I have that book on my list!

Ashley @ PapertoThread


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