Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pattern Review

I think I've told you guys about PatternReview.com before.

But I'm not sure I mentioned everything you can do there.  You see, Pattern Review is about more than just reviewing patterns!

You can purchase patterns there, and they have some great online sales.

You can take classes.

You can read interviews with the movers and shakers of the sewing world.

AND....you can enter contests!  I usually manage to catch wind of these contests about a day before they close so have yet to actually enter but I noticed two fun ones running right now, and there's still loads of time to make something.

The Pantone Color Contest-Basically, make something green and share it with the community.
Prize: $50 gift certificate for Patterns from the Past

The Patterns Stash Contest-Make something from an unused pattern in your 'stash' and share it.
$100 gift certificate to Elliott Berman Textiles

Click through to see all the guidelines, but they're pretty flexible and easy.

Good luck to anyone who enters!

I'll be the first to admit that this is not the prettiest of sewing sites, but trust me, if you are a sewer you should be a member (it's free).  There is so much information here it will boggle your brain.  (Plus, I think they're doing an overhaul on their look soon, and maybe it will be pretty!)

Do you do PatternReview??  Leave a comment below~

You can see some of my reviews here.


Amy said...

I LOVE PatternReview.com What a super resource!!! xoxo

marysews said...

I do Patten Review, too! i sometimes use the classifieds there to sell off my extra patterns (stash-busting).


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