Friday, February 8, 2013

Lacey Top

Do you ever look through your closet and wonder what the heck you were thinking when you bought something?

I found a t-knit turtleneck top in a drawer that I purchased as a layering piece for under a tunic I made.  But when I put it on the whole thing reminded me too much of Robin Hood, so I've never worn it.

So, as usual, I got out my scissors and made it into something new, and much nicer!

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Here's what you need to make your own lacey top:

T-knit top
wide elasticized lace (mine is 6 3/4" wide)
standard sewing kit
sewing marker (not shown)

1) The first thing I should've done was iron my top, but what I actually did was turn it inside out and cut off the sleeves.

2) Next, decide what you want your neckline to look like and lightly mark it out with an erasable pen or pins.

3) Cut along the lines.  Mine is a boat neck so it looks like this now:

4) You can skip this step if you want but if you're anything like me and raw edges drive you a little batty, just go ahead and serge or zigzag your edges, turn them, press them, and sew down.

5) Tack the edges at the top of the shoulder together. Don't worry if it doesn't line up perfectly.  It's going to be covered up in lace right away.

6) Now the fun part!  Get our your lace and pin it to the sides of your top, wrapping it all the way around the top of the shoulder, creating a sleeve opening.  I didn't have enough lace to just go straight up and down so I angled the back piece into the side.  Make sure to start your lace about a half inch lower than your hem so that you can turn it under (later).

Play with the placement of your lace and come up with the most flattering lines.


Under sleeve
You can never have too many pins!

7) Stitch down your lace, sewing close to the edges.

8) Don't forget to go back and turn your hem and sew it down.

And that's it!  So easy!

Oh! and here's one more tip!  If you want to take it one more step and make it a little more sassy (aka: sexy) cut out the fabric underneath the lace along the sides.  That way you'll have peek-a-boo sides without showing off too much.  I'm hoping to wear mine to work so I'll just leave it as is but for you more adventurous girls... go for it~

*This lace is very similar to the lace I used for my boot socks so I'm going to answer the question that kept coming up with that project....I was very, very lucky and got my lace in the bargain bin at my local fabric store.  Look in the elastic section, lace section, embellishments section, or the bargain bin at your store.  I can't tell you exactly where to find it because it's often a speciality item that isn't carried regularly.  I have also seen it at Wholeport Crafts (link on the sidebar, and no I do not get a commission for any sales there, it's just the only place I've seen it online.)

I think it looks prettiest with contasting lace.  What do you think?  What colours would you put together?  Leave a comment below~

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Saraccino said...

So great! It looks stunning! I have to try this (mh... as soon as I am back home in germany ^^)

Unknown said...

Really cute top. I wonder is a plus size gal would look okay in something like that. I'll have to look for that lace. Thanks for the tute.


Tania Pelletier said...

Hey, that's pretty! I think I have a knit turtle neck thing that I NEVER wear too... hopefully I didn't get rid of it! (I've got to stop that! LOL!)


Etcetorize said...

Sue....this is the perfect project for plus sizes. Designers like Stella McCarthy use this technique to create a 'fake' silhouette for those of use who aren't lucky enough to have curves, or to camoflage areas we want to detract the eye from. Go for it! I bet it'll look great~

romi said...

It's very cute and rather easy. Thanks!

Leelee said...

What a fabulous way to liven up a boring T shirt.

SewSweetVIntage said...

Love this. Pinned to my style board:) Stop over

Rita said...

You are so creative! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

How cute! I love this and it looks great on you!

Sew Can Do said...

Great tutorial & way to turn a boring shirt into something cute. Pinning this. Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!

Sew Can Do said...

Great tutorial & way to turn a boring shirt into something cute. Pinning this. Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!

Anonymous said...

wow! this is sooo cute! I hope you stop by to link-

Anonymous said...

Cute shirt! I would absolutely wear it!

Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

Jill said...

Great top Tamara! and yes - I have plenty things in my wardrobe that I wonder what I was thinking when I bought them! :)

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Annie said...

Oh I love this!! Lace is so pretty and feminine and I love the contrast of black lace over white.

Travel-PB said...

Great idea and an even better result!
If you like lace and traveling, you should visit the Slovenian town of Idrija.
They make gorgeous lace products there. Check it out here:

If you ever need some traveling ideas you are very welcome to check out my blog.

Keep up the good work and keep blogging!

The Busy Bee's said...

This really cute. Makes me wish I had a turtle neck in the drawer. You are very talented!

We just found your blog and would like to invite you to link up at our link party that goes live tonight.

The Busy Bee's,
Myrna and Joye.

Amanda said...

Love the look! Next time I'm in the city at the fabric shop, I'll have to find me some of that lace.

MJ said...

I love it! Found you post via A Round Tuit :) Great idea with this top. Have just finished changing a turtleneck top too, come visit me if you like!

Cindy at Upcycled Design Lab said...

Very cute idea. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Karen at said...

So beautiful! Love everything about this top. Great tut, I feel like I might be able to do this ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog today! I have some left over, wide lacy I bought long ago to make some bridal gifts. Now I no what i'm going to do with it! Thank You so much for the inspiration!


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