Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easy Vogue Blouse

Here's a cute blouse for the office that I finished up this past weekend:

Vogue4819, vogue patterns, v4819

There's nothing particularly special about it but I thought it would look pretty swanky with a black pencil skirt.  It has a bit of detailing at the neckline and in the back, with some lovely bishop's sleeves-which look nice but I have to admit that they do restrict your movement.

Here's a close-up of the fabric.

Another bargain bin steal~
I used Very Easy Very Vogue pattern V4819.  Unfortunately, it looks like it's out of print.  The good news is that if you buy directly from the Vogue website, ALL patterns are on sale right now for only $4.99 (ending today- Feb 20, 2013), that includes their brand new stock which was just released! (I'll showcase a few of them tomorrow).


Do you ever splurge and use Vogue patterns?  Leave a comment and tell us your favourite one below!


Claire Cooper said...

I haven't used a vogue pattern yet. I would love to, but as they are quite pricy, i'm sticking to self drafted and burdastyle.

Katrine said...

Nothing special? It looks fantastic!

DeniseAngela said...

Beautiful & love your choice of fabric!


Jill said...

Definitely a swanky shirt Tamara!!
I'm not too hot on making clothes myself - but I'm determined to learn more and try more this year!

romi said...

It looks very modern and with an attitude. It makes me thinking to learn how to sew.

Brenda said...

I love the Vogue patterns and have collected quite a number of them over the years. I was a teen in the 70s, and made most of my own clothing,using McCalls patterns; Vogue back then was a real treat to buy. I even made my own wedding dress for a whopping $68.00 (friend worked at Fabricland and used her discount).
This blouse you made looks adorable on your little figure. The fabric has an appeal that would match it up with a number of other shades. Great choice.
Keep on sewing your own clothing...its such a sense of achievement.
Cheers from Oshawa, Ontario

Unknown said...

I only buy them on sale. Deep sale, like under $4 sales


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