Friday, August 24, 2012

Ruffled Onesie

One Wednesday I showed you all of the cute little things I made for my friend Gen who just had a brand new baby girl.  One of those things was a cute embellished onesie.  It's super easy and the perfect project for any new moms out there who are new to sewing.

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Here's what you need:
-cotton fabric
-thread, scissors, pins, measuring tape
-optional: wooly nylon thread and serger

1) Measure across the bum part of the onesie and double that measurement.  Mine was 8", so I'm going to cut my cotton fabric strips 16".

2) Cut 1" wide strips from your cotton whatever length you calculated above.  Make as many as you want, I went with 3 but you could go for more if you like.

3) Finish all edges of your strips, including the short sides.  I did a rolled hem on my serger.  If you don't have a serger, you can either zigzag or do a very narrow regular hem.  (If you choose the narrow hem method you may want to add another 1/2" to the width of your strips as your hem will take more away than the rolled hem will.)

4) Sew a long basting stitch right down the centre of each of your strips.

5) Gently pull the bobbin thread to gather or ruffle your strip of fabric.  Gather only to fit across your onesie (on mine, 8").  If you pull too much, just pull the fabric back along the thread to make it fit.  Try to make sure your gathers are somewhat even.

6) For easy placement I started with the bottom ruffle, matching it up with the edge of the leg hole.  Pin in place down the centre of your ruffle.  Add the next two layers above, simply laying each ruffle edge to edge with the one below it.

7) Go back to a regular sewing stitch and stitch right down the centre, on top of your basting threads.  Try to keep the edges of your ruffle out of the way.

8) When you're all done and happy with it you can pull out your basting threads.  Make sure not to leave anything hanging, stray threads can be very dangerous for a baby as they can wrap around their tiny fingers and cut off circulation.  Always make super duper sure you've cut everything down.

And that is it!  I had some extra ruffle left so I made it into a little flower and handstitched it onto the front just so that not all the action is in the back.

I made this as an extra 'add-in' gift but it seemed to steal the show actually.

If you missed it and want to see what else was in the handmade gift pack just go here to check it all out!

This project was featured here:
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Ana Love Craft said...

Hi Tamara,

SO CUTE!!!!I absolutely love the gorgeous little flower!
Have a splendid weekend.

Ana from Portugal

Ana Love Craft said...

Hi Tamara,

SO CUTE!!!!I absolutely love the gorgeous little flower!
Have a splendid weekend.

Ana from Portugal

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I made something identical to this for a friend having her first baby girl after two boys. Because I dont have a serger and wanted really clean lines I cut a 2 1/2 inch wide strip then sewed the long side, turned it right side out and folded the raw ends in about 1/2 inch. Pressed, ruffled and attached. It was a huge hit.

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Oh, and didnt take pictures of it because Im a baaaaad blogger!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Who can resist a ruffle bum? So cute!

HANI said...

awwww adorable! Thanks for linking up. :) Have a nice weekend!

deborah said...

How adorable! Ruffles are so fun.

Colleen said...

Absolutely Adorable. Wish I had the idea when my girls where little. What darling little gifts these would be .

Unknown said...

Too cute! I need a serger... and a girl. Thanks for sharing at While He Was Napping. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


Donna Wilkes said...

I think this idea would work for big girls who are frilly, too. Too, too cute!

Jenn said...

Way cute!

Unknown said...

This is really cute!, I have two boys and just dool over little girls clothes! I would love if you would share this on super Sweet Sunday @

Unknown said...

Very cute! Found you M.M.M party! New follower :)

- Fotini { }

TRICIA said...

Ahhhh! So adorable!!!!

Suzanne Winter said...

ruffle butts are always so cute!!! I need to make a few of these for my daughter ;o)- come see my attempt to upcycle my twin boys' fall winter wardrobe! ~Suzanne

blissfulsewing said...

Loved the idea!! Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

Such a cute little onesie Tamara!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Unknown said...

So cute!! I made something similar when my last baby was born.:) Thanks for partying with me.:)


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