Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do you Polyvore?

One thing you learn while criss-crossing another country with everything you need stuffed into a backpack is to shop very carefully and only carry what you need.

When I returned home from my trip to Thailand I realized that I have way too much stuff.  Too many clothes, too much jewellery ... just too much stuff that I don't need.

So, even though I'm four months late, I've finally come up with my new year's resolution!  I'm not going to buy things just because they're on sale!  I'm not going to buy things that don't fit with my personal sense of style just because it's a great deal!  And I'm not going to buy things that don't go with anything else in my closet!

This could be easier said than done.

It's not going to be easy to break a lifetime habit of bargain shopping, especially when I have two completely different styles that I wear...straight laced classic for the office and boho hippie chic for home (sometimes they cross over, but I still have too much of both in my closet).

So, in order for me to truly figure out what I'm drawn to and what I really love I decided to try out Polyvore.  My friend asked me about it the other day and I realized I hadn't looked at the site in ages.  Probably since it first came out.

There are a lot more things to choose from and fun ways to create boards (interior design, art, fashion, it's all there).

I played around with a few looks and I think it's very clear where I'm most comfortable.

I even tried to do a fantasy evening look and still came up with this.  I just couldn't do it, because it's not me.
Not very fantasy or evening. Just me.
Yes, it's one more way to waste your precious time, but it's kind of fun.  And no, I'll probably never actually purchase anything I use to make a board, but it's still kind of fun.  And now I know next time I walk into a store...don't even pick up that neon green sequined $4.99 blouse!  You don't need it!  It's not your style!

And I think I've even come up with a boho office chic look!

I've even been making myself wear things from my closet that I'm not crazy about.  If, by the end of the day, I'm still not in love with the piece, it's either handed down to my sister or out the door to the thrift shop, no matter how old or new it is.  I'm starting to feel lighter already!  And I don't even miss all the stuff I've given away.

Try out polyvore and see what kind of styles you're most drawn to and then start going through your closet and weeding all of your crazy bargain purchases out.  I think this is part of my spring cleaning frenzy, even though there's about 3" of snow on the ground today. 

Have you started your spring cleaning yet?  What do your closets look like?  Leave a comment and let the rest of know how you control what goes in ... and out!  If you're already on polyvore and want to share your collections leave your username in the comments so we can find you, I'm Etcetorize over there too~


Adele said...

Brilliant! I'm going to have a look :)

- Adele @ Mammy Made

Lisa said...

Hi Tamara! I found you through a video on youtube :) Just wanted to introduce myself as a quebecer & a knitter. I just bought some clothes, and that is very rare. I don't remember the last time I bought clothes for myself. My two boys have more clothes than myself and hubby combined!
You can find me at petitetuques.com


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