Thursday, April 5, 2012

Do I look like Angelina Jolie?!?

I'm totally kidding!  Don't answer that question.

Last weekend I had a couple of Sephora gift cards burning a hole in my wallet so I went in for a Special Occasion make-over.  I didn't really have a special occasion, but make-overs are just plain fun, so why not?

I asked for a clean, fresh, spring look that was natural looking, with an Angelina Jolie cat eye.  These were some of the inspiration photos I took with me:

It was really all about the skin more than anything else.

Here's how I looked when I walked in the store:

One of my eyes was a little swollen which is why
I look a little lopsided and wonky~
And now, be gentle with me because I'm really putting myself out here for's how I looked with all of my make-up removed:
Have you ever tried taking a photo of yourself
in a public place with no make-up on??? 
It's a little awkward~
Here are some of the magic tools we pulled out:

I really love Two Faced make-up and this
Natural Face kit is super gorgeous and versatile.

And here's how I looked when I walked out:

Not exactly the life altering transformation that we all hope for when we get a make-over but I love the make up and used up all of my gift cards.

I ended up purchasing the Two Faced Palette you see above, along with some Dior Mascara primer, and an amazing HourGlass lipstick in the colour Fable. The lipstick is a crazy expensive but the cool thing is that you can get refill cartridges for half the price. Next time I go in I also want to grab the Laura Mercier Tinter Illuminizer.

I think these photos are much better:

I always look better when I'm hanging out
with two of my most favourite people in the world!
If Angelina Jolie would ALWAYS walk around in a parka, sunglasses, and undone hair, maybe...just maybe, I could pass for her~

Angelina Jolie on the set of
In the Land of Blood and Honey


Mindy said...

You look great!

Little City Farm said...

You absolutely look great. Your eyes really pop in the after makeover photos, but really you look awesome all of the time. Even with no makeup. If I looked that good without makeup,.....okay, I sound like one of those old geezers so I'm gonna shut up now. :)

Amy said...

Jeez! You look amazing with no makeup!! I love the look, I love what she did with your eyes. Fun! Fun!


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