Thursday, June 9, 2011

French Korean Inspiration

Wow!  So many new friends have joined Etcetorize lately, you have no idea how happy you all make me! 

For all of you new Etcetorizers, you may not know that at least once a week I try to post something that I think is inspiring.  Usually it's a photo from my travels around the world or just from my own backyard.  (You can see the past posts on the Inspiration Shot tab up top.)

This week though I'm going to show you something that isn't related to sewing, fashion, crafting, or even travel, but I think both things will inspire you.

First up is this amazing video from "Korea's Got Talent".  My friend sent this to me at work. Luckily everyone in the office had left by the time I got to watch it.  It's a tear jerker...but it's soooooo sweet....get your hankies ready...


I just love how sincere he is.  He just wants to sing because it makes him happy.  How refreshing is that?!?!

OK, now that you're all emotional, let's jump to the other side of the world and really party down.  Have you heard of this blog?

Jordan is a party planner who used to live in San Francisco but recently moved to Paris, France with her family and is now living the high life crafting and blogging in France.

She has so many cool and fun projects from photo booths:

to party invites:

She also has what is probably the most incredible giveaway in blog history going on right now!

Believe it or not, Jordan is giving away a flight and hotel accommodations for a trip to Paris, France....did you just fall off your chair???  Yes, a flight from the US to Paris and one week to hang out in Paris, with or without her as your tour guide.  Is that not incredible?

You don't even have to do anything too crazy to enter.  Just head over to her wonderful blog and check out the entry rules here .  (I'm having one or two issues with blogger at the moment, so if that link doesn't work, go to and find the June 6th posting).   The contest ends on June 20th so make sure to get your entry in before that.

Thanks to Kathleen over at Grosgrain for bringing this contest to my attention!

See you tomorrow with another fun tutorial! 

Hope your inspired!

PS....I just changed my comment area to a pop-up window instead of an embedded form.  For all of us who have been having problems leaving comments this seems to be a solution for many blogs.  Let me know if this helps~


Gen said...

Thank you so much for sharing this video. I'm officially a mess!

Mindy said...

What a video! Thanks for posting it!


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