Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Show & Tell-Hemp Jewellery

I've been hopping around the blogosphere alot lately and am so inspired.  I don't know how so many people out there are able to raise children, go to work, make crafts, and post every day.  How do they do it all?  It boggles my mind...but it inspires me too!

So, if they can get all that done then I think I can add an extra surprise post every once in awhile.  I have so many different things that I want to show you so, I've decided to try to add a "Show and Tell" post from time to time.  I'll show you some clothing, jewellery, and other things that I've made for myself or other special people in my life that don't make it into the Etcetorize Etsy Shop.  There won't be any tutorials on these posts, just fun pictures to look at.

I thought I'd start with some Hemp Accessories: 

It seems like a lifetime ago that I used to live in Japan.  While I was there I really immersed myself into the craft culture.  They have the most amazing craft and fabric stores there.  And so many gadgets!  I wouldn't mind taking a trip back there just to see what they've come up with while I've been away.

One of the things that I spent alot of time on  while I was there was all kinds of jewellery making.  I learned beading, weaving, wire working, and knotting.  Today I'll show you some of the more interesting pieces of Hemp accessories that I made while I was overseas.

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Blue Choker

hemp necklace, hemp crafts, hemp jewellery, DIY jewellery, macrame jewellery
Squiggle Choker

hemp accessories, hemp crafts, , DIY Jewellery, hemp jewellery, macrame jewellery
Jean Accessory

hemp accessories, Chopsticks, embellished chopsticks,DIY Jewellery, hemp crafts, hemp jewellery, macrame jewellery
Chopsticks (for your hair)
 I became so obsessed interested that I even started reading about sailors knots and tried a little macrame.  I remember I had big plans to wrap all kinds of cutlery and wine glasses but I never did get around to it.  Probably a good bags coming back were heavy enough already!
Japanese crafting books are the ultimate.  If you ever come across one, don't let the language scare you away.  They're so well illustrated that they're not difficult to follow at all.


Most of the Japanese crafting books that I have start out with a technique guide to show you the basics.  Then it gives you loads of beautiful pictures of great projects.  This little book has over 20 projects...and all for under $5!!

What do you think?  Have you ever tried learning a new craft in a different language?  I hope this inspires you to look at hemp knotting differently and maybe even give it a go in a new and exciting way~

(These projects will be posted throughout the week at the linky parties from the linky party tab above.  Check out the sites for more great ideas!)

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Anji* said...

I love all the accessories you made, they are really interesting and pretty. I love Japanese craft books too! I would love to visit Japan one day..


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