Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Drapey Blouse

Remember way back in December when I told you about some pretty McCalls patterns I wanted to try?

 Well, I made another one....

It's just a plain jane blouse for work but it's kind of pretty.  I made view D from McCalls 6651.  I wanted to give it a test run with some cheapy fabric before I went for the super drapey short sleeve one in the large pic below.

You can see the leggings (McCalls 6173) I made here.

Next up will be this gorgeous jacket:

McCalls 6657

What's on your list of things to sew?  Leave a comment below~


Bobi Jensen said...

This post is inspiring. I've been considering trying some blouses. I want some drapey stuff and have a hard time finding it when I am out thrifting.


Judith said...

Drapey shirt looks brilliant! Can' wait to see the jacket finished...J

Unknown said...

Even though you said its "cheapy" fabric, your first attempt is gorgeous!! Love that colour!! Well done and thanks for sharing :-)

Brenda said...

A blouse ALWAYS looks superb, feminine, and rich on any woman. Yours looks lovely, great job.
The coat looks incredible on the pattern and I'm sure your make will be just great too. Look forward to seeing it.
Cheers from Oshawa,Ontario


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