Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Has your style changed?

Pinterest is great for a lot of things.  It's great for finding inspiration. It's great for organizing ideas and recipes.  And it's really great for watching your own interests and style evolve.

I've noticed lately that the pins on my Style board have gone from this very hippie '70s vibe:

to this much more tailored, sleek, chic vibe:

I find myself drooling over form fitting pencil skirts and vintage inspired wiggle dresses lately.  What to do???  I have a closet full of peasant dresses and flowy skirts.  Do I make the switch?  Do I embrace both seemingly opposite styles somehow?

What about you?  Has your style changed recently?  I think I'm being heavily influenced by period dramas on TV and in the movies.  What's your style influenced by?

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Brenda said...

Quite honestly I've gone from living in business clothing and jackets to wearing comfort clothes, track pants etc. day in and day out. The joys of permanent disability that hit when I was 42, back in 04. That said...I have now suffer a complete lack of style!
BUT- If I've learned anything over the years it's this: "everything old is new again". I wouldn't change too much of your lovely clothes over unless there items you wont really miss. Something you adore - wear it and to hell with the fashion police. You only live once, enjoy it while your young.
Cheers from Oshawa Ontario.


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