Thursday, July 12, 2012

Top Hatter Auctions

Have you guys heard of TopHatter? It's a live auction site for all kinds of crafty things.  You can buy or sell supplies, jewellery, art, etc.  If it's something you could find on Etsy, you might be able to find it here too!

I came across it in one of the Google Ads at the bottom of my posts and just had to go check it out.

It's a very fun atmosphere and it seems like there are auctions going on all the time.  The craft/jewellery supply auctions at night are very interesting with all kinds of neat things coming up for sale constantly (most lots seem to go for less than $10!).

The first night I signed up I even got a $5 credit!

Now, I have to admit, I haven't actually purchased or tried to sell anything but Myra over at Team Eco Etsy has, and she's written a wonderful post telling you all about it.  For the real low down, make sure to go read her post.

This is not a sponsored post and I'm not recieving any remuneration whatsoever.  I just think this is a really awesome tool for all of you Etsy and supply sellers (and buyers) out there. 

Take a look and have some fun.  But be careful!  The auctions move fast and they're addictive.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely have to invite you over to my garden. Things I have seen on your blog and others linked to your have taken my recycle-upcycle-bohemian-eclectic yard to new heights. Loving the blog and all the inspiration it provides. Thanks for being such a faithful blogger - nothing worse than getting excited to go visit and finding things haven't changed in two weeks.
Barb (formerly from down the hall- Jason's teacher ....)
P.S.: I'm across from the Stavros parking lot - you'll know it when you see it LOL


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