Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Show and Tell: LBD for Summer

I was going to start off this post by confessing to all of you about my recent weight gain but in the end I decided I better not get into that.  Someone out there will probably be offended because to others I may not appear to have an issue big enough to be a concern.  I'm at the age though where, when you put it on, it's harder than ever to get it off.  Besides, it's all relative, what's normal to you might not be normal to others and vice versa.

So I'll tell you that I made this latest little black dress for fashion, but the reality is that it's just the quickest way I could think of to disguise the little belly I'm creating by eating way too many potato chips lately.  (I'm off the chips now by the way.  I fell off the wagon yesterday, but I'm renewing my commitment to myself to resist the temptation.  It's my biggest vice so this is a major challenge for me.)

You saw my last LBD that I made, but that was more for fall or winter.   This is my summer version, for the office.

See, don't I look super fit and trim!  It's all due to my dress.  You think I joking, but I'm not~ (And no, I'm not wearing Spanx or any other fancy pants new wave version of a girdle.)

It's made from what turned out to be quite a nice T-knit that I picked up from the bargain bin ages ago.

I used New Look 6154.  I don't think it's in stock anymore but it's a nice little basic dress if you ever come across it in the second hand stores.  My dress is supposed to look like the short sleeved red one.

 The whole thing, from cutting to hemming, came in under 2 hours.

A close up of the neck/sleeve line.
I normally find New Look patterns to fit on the large side but this one didn't require any taking in at all...which I guess is to be expected all things considered~

Do you have an LBD?  Does it get much use or is the whole LBD thing a myth in your eyes?  What do you think? (What I really want to know is...what's your biggest craving that you can't resist?!?!  And how do you overcome your cravings?  Tell me so that I know I'm not alone in trying to get this monkey off my back!)

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being mom{me} said...

This turned out so cute - I love the fit! Great job!

Carolyn said...

Your dress is beautiful and IF you have something to hide, it does a fantastic job. I sure can't see it! And you're right, the older you get the harder it is to take it off. I recently lost 42 lbs. after ten years of hating my weight gain, but now I'm back down to a svelt 115 pounds. Yay me! 54 years old doesn't have to be bad!

Etcetorize said...

Congratulations Carolyn! Good for you!

Lindsay said...

We must be the same age because I'm having the same problem right now! It isn't fun not being able to eat like you used to, but I think you look great and I love how your dress turned out!

Claire Cooper said...

Lovely dress - i'm just making my own everyday LBD in eyelet cotton - should be finished tomorrow!

Little City Farm said...

Isn't it completely unfair that we have to gain weight. And you are so right that it only gets harder to take off the older you get. I found that when I hit 36, I gained 25 pounds in the subsequent 7 years that I've only just taken off (well, 15 of the 25 - a girl's gotta live right). Anyway,........I hear ya.

Your dress, however, looks amazing. You have perfect curves so if it's hiding something, it's doing a great job. Love it.

Cranberry Morning said...

That is a lovely LBD! And I might even look good in a LBD if I were a LBT (little bit thinner). :-))
You look great in your creation. Too bad the pattern isn't readily available.

Hani said...

Lovely dress. Thanks for linking up at Friday fun party. Have a great weekend!

mel said...

great dress, i want to get into garmet sewing, when i get my machine, i have added you to my reader for some valuable information!!


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