Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Motivated Monthly

Today is the inaugural Motivated Monthly linky party!  I'm so excited.  I can't wait to see all of the projects that everyone comes up with this month.

This linky party will be open all month long.

It's pretty simple, just follow the guidelines below:
1) Link directly to your family friendly project, not your blog post
2) Limit of 4 links/blog please, no one likes a linky hog
3) Please no shops or giveaways, just creative projects that you've made yourself

This party is co-hosted by my good friend Gen over at Cabin Fevered Gem, so your link will show on both of our blogs, getting double exposure!  You can link up at either blog and you can feel free to follow both of us if you'd like (we'd be super thrilled), but it's not mandatory.

We do ask though that you please post our button someplace on your blog where everyone will see it.  The more people that join the party, the more fun and exposure it will be for all of you.


OK, let's get on with it!  This month's theme is the 3 R's.  Anything you've recycled, remade, or reused for something other than it's intended purpose is what we're looking for.

For example, I took an ugly old coffee table and made it into a pretty and super useful bench in my back porch.

It doesn't have to be only furniture though.  If you've deconstructed clothing or reused something in different way we want to see it!
Here's what's coming up:
June: In the Garden
July: Handmade Jewellery
August: Oh Baby!
September: Natural Materials
(If you link up you are giving Gen and I permission to tell the world how great you are and possibly post a picture or a link to your awesome project either here, on Facebook, or on Pinterest. Make sure you're OK with this before you link up.)
Let's see what you've got!  Remember, you have all month to link up your best projects~

WHOA! STOP! THIS IS A THEMED LINKY PARTY.  READ THE POST ABOVE BEFORE YOU LINK.  If your project is not something you've recycled, link up to our regular weekly linky party that starts on Mondays.  Thank you~ 


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Fabulous idea! Thanks for hosting!!!

Unknown said...

Ok, I love this link party! I find it super awesome that you themed it the 3 R's. Proud new follower - and i linked up 2 of my projects that use recycled materials (newspaper roses & mosaic pots).

I'll be checking out the other linked up projects.


Patricia L said...

Such a fun idea for a linky party. Thanks for stopping by my blog and inviting me!


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