Friday, September 2, 2011

Nail Polish Holder

I've been spending way too much time at the second hand shops lately, but wait until you see some of my steals.  Today I'm going to show you an amazing transformation on one of those things that you see at almost any thrift old spice rack.

Here's what you need if you want to copy this super easy and fast project:

You may need a staple gun below to see why~
1) Wipe down your spice rack and remove any ugly plasticky windows you might have.

2) Mask off any hinges or other parts you don't want paint on.

3) Now, you should probably sand it down a bit, but really, I don't have that much patience so I just got my trusty spray paint can ready with this awesome trigger gadget.

4) And then you just go to town spraying it all down.  Nice light even strokes.

5) I said, Nice Light Even Strokes!!

Kidding, I'm not yelling at you.  That's what I was saying to myself as I poured the paint on.  This is why I don't normally use spray paint...I'm not good at going slowly, evenly, or lightly.  Luckily this is in a part no one will notice and once I went over it a few more times you could hardly even see it.

The super thing with spray paint is that it dries so fast.  I just kept letting it dry and adding another coat until I like the coverage.

6)  Then I cut out some nice vellum paper to cover the window openings.

7)  And this is where I had to improvise.  I thought my handy dandy Mod Podge would do the trick and secure my paper to the wood.  But my paper was quite heavy, almost like plastic.  So it just wouldn't work.  The nice thing was that it held things in place while I positioned it and then stapled it down.  Without the glue first I think the stapling would have been quite frustrating.

So, I still recommend using some glue to get things in place.  And if your using a lighter weight paper that might be all you need.

8) And now look at this!!!

Easy Craft, DIY, spice rack transformation, Nail Polish Holder

Isn't it pretty?!?!  I was originally going to use it to hold my acrylic paints, but the truth is that it wouldn't hold even half of them.  So, my very smart friend suggested I use it for nail polish.  Such a great idea!

Easy Craft, DIY, spice rack transformation, Nail Polish Holder

 I love how all the colours of the polish bounce off of the white.  And the little drawer below holds my little gadgets I need whenever I redo my nails.

Easy Craft, DIY, spice rack transformation, Nail Polish Holder

There you go, ugly old spice rack to totally useful nail polish holder!  You could try using fabric or lace instead of paper if you have something similar.  Even one without doors would be totally cute too!

Easy Craft, DIY, spice rack transformation, Nail Polish Holder

What do you think??  Leave a comment below and let me know what else you can do with an old spice rack.

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Jen @ The Decor Scene said...

Love your project. What a great idea. It turned out great. Stopping over from Serenity Now linky party. Have a great day. :)

Spittin-Toad said...

Nice idea!! I've been looking for a way to store all our polish...right now it's all in a handled bad. :)

Little City Farm said...

Oh I love this. The white makes it looks so pretty and useful with the little drawer in the bottom. Brilliant.

aimee said...

fantastic! what a sweet idea. ill never look at an ugly spice rack the same again! thanks.

Jan said...

Love the idea!

Stephanie said...

This is SO cute and such a great idea! I need something like this -- all of my nail polishes are piled into a box and so unorganized!

Anonymous said...

That is so creative, you did a great job!

Unknown said...

Great job! I love the "frosted" windows! I will have to keep my eye out for one of these!

WobiSobi said...

Wow, What a difference..
It looks amazing.

Unknown said...

Super cute! I could really use one of these for all my makeup. Thanks for the great inspiration!

Chris said...

This is so pretty! And its something nice you can set out too!

Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} said...

Looks amazing! Great transformation! Love it :)

Anonymous said...

You did great! Turned out so pretty.
I am hosting a link party going on right now. I'd love it if you came by & linked up!

Chrissy @ ForMamas

Lindsay said...

Aw, that looks so great! What a perfect little chest to hold your polish! I'd love for you to share this at Show & Share--

Deanna said...

Very cute idea! Love the paper in the windows, great job!


Kim @ Too Much Time said...

So fun and love the nail polish organization! Love finding unique uses for old stuff!

Brave Brooke said...

Cute! What a great way to see all your colors at once. I have mine in a box and I always forget about the colors I have! said...

Cute! What a clever idea!

Bunny said...

Brilliant! Looks great too!

Unknown said...

I just came across this while I was on Pinterest! It turned out super cute! I've been looking at a lot of DIY nail polish racks and yours is by far my fave! Awesome job!

Cutesy Crafts said...

Featured you at our link party today!


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