Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Weather PJ's

Earlier this week it the temperatures around here were soaring.  I loved, loved, loved it.  But, I do have to admit, it was little hard to sleep.  So, I headed to my sewing machine and quickly made up these cute little hot weather pj's so that I could keep cool and get a good night's sleep.

I used a pattern for the bottoms so I'll just show you the super duper simple top.


And a Sewing Machine
1) With your fabric folded selvedges together, cut a rectangle the width of the fabric (45"/115cm) and 13.5" (34cm) wide.  You may need to alter the width depending on your bust size.  The length of the rectangle should fit most people, but if you are lucky enough to have a more curvy figure than I do, just add to the width.

2) Once you've cut your fabric, fold it with right sides together and sew the short edge together.  You're basically making a tube.

3) Next, give your edges either a zigzag or serged finish, fold over a quarter inch (to inside), and press.

4) For top edge, fold down again approximately 2.25 "(6cm), press, and sew a straight line 1.5"(4cm) from edge.  You can sew another line of stitching right next to it 1/4" towards the inside if you want, to create a double stitched line.

Now you're going to create a casing for elastic, so leave enough space for your elastic (I used 1/4" wide elastic but if you're bustier you may want to use something wider), and then sew two more lines of stitching.  Remember to leave an opening so that you can insert your elastic.

Once the elastic is in, stitch the ends together, and sew up your stitching lines.

5) For your bottom hem you don't need the little ruffle so you can just turn under 1/4" and press, and then turn in another 5/8".  Sew a double line of stitching 1/2" from the edge, making sure to leave enough room for your elastic.  Again, don't forget to leave an opening to insert the elastic.  Then just secure it, and sew your lines closed.

You should end up with something that looks this the picture above.

I used a pattern to make some boxers to go with it but it was a unisex pattern so I had to do quite a few alterations.

I shortened them, lowered the waistline, lost the fly opening, and added some pretty lace along the bottom edge.

And here's the whole outfit together:

pjs, pajamas, DIY Sewing, easy pyjamas, boxer shorts

I think it's kind of cute.  The most important thing is that I'll be covered up but I won't be sleepless on those hot summer nights. 

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Have a great week everyone~


Susan said...

Very nice!

Jan said...

Very cool! Love the retro print.

It's been hot here as well - in the 40's and oh so humid.

But, it will be winter before we know it, so soak up the sun.

Stephanie McDonnell said...

I'm visiting from Free Pretty Things. I love this! I might have to try it.

Join us tomorrow for our Throwback Thursday link party.

Cheryl said...

I love the idea, but don't like the bare midriff. I will get some 4" wide lace and sew to the bottom casing for a little extra cover. Thanks again for the great idea!


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