Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The flowers are coming! The flowers are coming!

Eeeeeee!  It's so exciting.  This past past weekend we got a little taste of summertime.  The temperatures were hot hot hot, the sun was shining, and finally the flowers started blossoming!

My pear trees are starting to bloom!

I have no idea what these are but they're so cute and pretty.

1 lone but perfect tulip.

Some kind of little bluebell.  I'm not sure if
I planted these or they just showed up~

I planted some containers too but they're not full enough yet to show you.  Hopefully everything will grow quickly though.  The thing I'm most excited about are my plum trees!  Have you ever smelled the blossoms of a plum tree?  Even though I'm chokingly allergic to flowers I find it the most incredibly intoxicating scent. 

I had no idea we could grow fruit in Saskatchewan until I bought my house and all of the trees starting sprouting apples, pears, plums, and every berry you can imagine.  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

As you can tell, I overdosed on the sun and am high on vitamin D right now.  Everything is beautiful and wonderful.  I'm trying really hard to send out positive thoughts for this weekend.  It's the long weekend in Canada and it has been known to snow on campers that weekend in the past.  Hopefully this year we're done with all that and can get back to fun in the sun...at least for the next 4 months!!  Yippee!

Promise I'll get back to crafting and sewing next.  I have a great vintage blouse pattern all done up and ready to show you for tomorrow.  Make sure to come and check it out~


SisterBatik said...

Beautiful - I love flowers and planting : )

Jan said...

Go out and enjoy the sun. Crafting and sewing can wait for a rainy day.

Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...

I think the pink ones are phlox


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