Thursday, March 3, 2011

Burdastyle: Featured Member!!

What an exciting day!  Head on over to Burdastyle and check out their current Featured Member... it's me!!!

No matter what your level, Burdastyle is the place to be if you're a sewer.  There are currently over 491,000 members (can you believe they found me out 491,000 people?!?!?!) who come together to create a very fun and supportive community.  You can post your own projects, they have loads of free draws and fun competitions (you night remember my Halston Inspired Dress from their Party Through the Decades competition).

Sometimes they even get well known high end designers to create and share patterns!

Karl Lagerfeld Jacket Pattern
 There are always great articles:

Great article on Bias Tape uses

 And awesome tutorials:

Amazing tutorial on covering shoes with fabric

And every once in awhile they interview one of their members, share photos, sources of inspiration, etc.

Excerpt from my interview:

              Do you have a style icon who inspires your sewing projects?
                 I have a theory that people always long for the era of their childhood.
                For me, that was the 70’s. I was still a kid so I was too young to wear
               the glitzy disco stuff from the end of the decade and was too young at
               the beginning to fully grasp the freedom of the styles in the earlier part
               of the 70’s. So, now I’m naturally drawn to it. Right now I love the boho
              chic vibe and use lots of Rachel Zoe and Nicole Ritchie images. They’re
              both quite commercial but the look is easy to infuse your own style with.
              Plus it’s a style that suits almost anyone.

Check it out and let me know what you think~

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