Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Show & Tell-Beaded Jewellery

Last week I showed you some hemp jewellery I made ages ago.  I thought I'd continue the theme this week and complete my jewellery era.

For a few years I focused most of my crafting efforts on jewellry making.  I amassed quite an inventory of  pretty beads and findings, most of which I still have.  Somewhere along the line it became too tedious and I went back to my first love ... sewing.

So, here's a little trip back in time looking at some of things I used to do.  As with most things I create, I tried to keep the pieces simple but stylish:

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beaded rings

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More beaded rings

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Is there anyone else out there who throws themselves into something, collecting everything you could possibly need to create almost anything, and eventually finds some other sparkle that catches your eye? 

This is the one and only reason that I've held myself back from scrapbooking.  There are just way too many fun things to purchase.  I think I'd end up spending all my time in the store, and very little time actually scrapbooking.  Let me hear all about your craft inventories so that I know I'm not the only one!

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SharonA said...

My longwinded comment has disappeared, so, perhaps I only needed to say No, you are not alone in the fact that our eyes and hearts are easily enamored by a wide variety of blings and ideas, Often saved for another time, another day...


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