Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crafty Day

Last weekend my sister and her kids came to town for a quick visit, which also meant a super fun crafty afternoon with my niece.

First she taught me how to use a rainbow loom.

According to Micheals, this is the crafting toy of the year.

Such a good teacher...very patient and kind~

Look what we made!!
That's her fake smile because
Auntie took too long to take the photo~

After we finished making our bracelets then we refashioned a little sweater of mine.

We cut the sleeves off to make leg warmers and then cut the body off and sewed it into a tube to make a neck warmer.

Such a fun crafty day!

When is the last time that you let a kid teach you something?  Leave a comment below~


Mindy said...

How adorable! What a fun way to spend the day with your niece!

My son and I learned arm knitting together... I'm a confirmed crocheter for life, so this was all sorts of new and different for us both!

Mindy said...

(of course, that wasn't him teaching me, but the learning together was mostly because of his willing spirit and excitement--otherwise, I'd have given up!) =)


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