Friday, June 21, 2013

Newborn Outfit

I had a last minute, spur of the moment, business trip this week so I didn't have time to put together a tutorial for today.  So, I decided to finish off Kids Fashion Week by showing you part of the gift that I made for my co-worker who just had a baby last week.

The cute little heart tree was part of this transfer sheet I got from Wholeport:

This sheet is only $3.99!
I got a whole shipment of different transfers that I'm going to show you next week but today you get a sneak preview.  This one has a sort of plastic backing so I wasn't really sure how it would work. 

The sheets don't come with directions so I had to do a bit of experimenting.  I love how this one came out.  **Important, always wash your garment before ironing on transfers.  The chemicals in the fabric will make it difficult for the transfer to stick if you skip this me, I've learned the hard way on other projects from the past~

For this particular transfer, use high heat, and peel off before it cools all the way down.

I also added the cutest pair of girly booties you've ever seen.  I had a bit of fabric left over from when I covered my own shoes, and then I just added some pretty lingerie elastic to make sure they stay put on the baby's tiny little feet.

I'm hoping to finish up the baby gift by next week and then I can share the rest for you.

What's your experience with iron-on transfers?  To they always work out for you?  Do you make your own or buy pre-printed? Leave a comment below~

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