Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Google Tips

I don't usually blog about blogging, mostly because I feel like I'm still learning myself.  But I recently stumbled upon a couple of things that I think other beginner bloggers out there might find helpful, so I thought I'd share~

I am also not usually one to shower accolades upon 'Google' anything.  When one company is seemingly taking over the world and forcing us all to conform to convoluted ways of doing things it drives me crazy.

However, in this case, I feel I must give credit where credit is due.

I have come across not one but TWO positive pieces of Google info that I want to share with any beginner bloggers out there.

#1-Blogger (which is run by Google) is amazing at stopping spam. 

Yes, there you go, I said it.  I used 'amazing' and 'Google' in the same sentence.  Most beginner bloggers turn on as much spam filter as possible, including the oh so lovely word verification tool.  I did it too.  After I started to leave comments on other blogs though, I realized what a major pain in the behind this is.  I turned mine off more than a year and half ago and guess what, very very little gets through....maybe one spammy advertising type of comment got through in all that time.  Which I was still able to catch myself and delete promptly.
This one isn't bad but sometimes I have to try
 3-4 times before I get the verification right.
You don't have to do this to your readers,
Blogger stops most spam from getting onto your blog anyway~
Blogger drives me nuts in lots of ways, but this is one thing that it does incredibly well.

#2-Google Chrome makes Blogger easier to use!

Over the past two years I've struggled with crazy formatting, spacing issues, inability to preview my posts, and overall wonkiness.  I just figured this is how blogger is.  Then I accidentally downloaded Google Chrome and tried writing a blogger post from there instead of Internet Explorer.  Wow!  It's a whole new world!  All of the things that I found so annoying suddenly disappeared!

I can now preview my post...easily!  I don't have extra breaks inserted when I go back and forth between Compose and HTML modes!  I don't suddenly get crazy formatting inserted here there and everywhere for no reason!  I can upload more than one photo at a time! I've always wished that Blogger could do that, little did I know, it CAN!!   I hate to admit it, but the Google Chrome web browser is making my bloggy life much easier!

There are lots of tutorials out there telling you all about how to turn off verification or use other browsers so I'm not going to get into all that, besides, like I said, I'm still learning myself.  Just do a Google search and it's all there ;)

So, now I guess I'll have to suck it up and give Google+ a try as well, because if it works half as well as the rest of the Google family, it just might be something I like!

What about you guys?  Do you find that different browsers make a difference?  Do you have any basic and easy bloggy tips you want to share?  Leave a comment below~

*This is absolutely NOT paid advertising or a sponsored post of any kind.  I just  found that these things are working for me and thought I'd pass along the info.


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Oh google, you won me over with your interactive star trek doodle this week.

I mostly use IE and sometimes have drama writing posts. Good to know that chrome is the answer. I love that in chrome you can be logged in to multiple google accounts and just swap back and forth. Its a huge benefit because I dont blog with my main account.

Bobi Jensen said...

I'm glad you wrote this - all I see everywhere is blogger's "inevitable" switch over to WordPress and I'm still confused as to why....Blogger has been SO MUCH more user friendly. (I've tried both) Reading this, I've realized many of the complaints may have been people who weren't on Chrome...who knows.


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