Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Show and Tell: Valentine's Card

I'm going to see my niece and nephew tomorrow so I wanted to make them a Valentine's Day card to go with a little gift I made them (which I will reveal to you in next week's Show and Tell).  It's not quite finished but I thought I'd share anyway.

Keep in mind I am NOT a scrapbooker/card maker.  I did make some mistakes and have to admit that I didn't really enjoy the entire process, but it's coming along.

Is it really possible to measure the same side of a piece of paper three times and come up with three completely different measurements????

That blob hanging down in the middle is supposed to be a heart.  I'm going to head to the dollar store tomorrow to see if I can find some rub on letters or something to put their names on it.  There's no way my penmanship can improve this thing so maybe some ready made letters will do the trick.  Luckily the kids are only 3 and 4.  So, as long as it's sparkly and shiny there's a chance that they'll be impressed~

I'm not really sure that I'll be posting this on the linky parties throughout the week, but hit the tab up top and you're sure to find loads more Valentine's projects.

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