Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Show and Tell: Pillowcase Grand Total!!

In the beginning of October I showed you how to make Super Easy, Super Pretty Pillowcases.  And back then I told you that I was giving mine to the local emergency shelter for homeless people.

Well, the local Quilt Guild and the local Fabricland joined me, and together everyone is donating over 450 570 pillowcases!!!

Each pile is 10 pillowcases~
The Quilt Guild made over 60 alone and then to top it off Barb at Fabricland offered free remnants and prizes to customers who wanted to help out.  The response was overwhelming!

Barb-Owner of the local Fabricland Store
I'm so proud of my community.  Our original goal was to gather at least 141 pillowcases.  We're a small city with only three shelters and that's the number of pillows that are used every night.  I can't believe I was actually worried that we wouldn't make that goal.

A super huge thank you to everyone who participated.  I know lots of people want to continue and to donate throughout the year so I'm even more thrilled that the giving will continue.

Check out the Million Pillowcase Challenge link on the side bar and join the fun!

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{ erin } said...

WOW!!! That is amazing!! Congratulations!


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